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University of New Hampshire
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Auroral Turbulence II

A schematic of Auroral Turbulence II

Auroral Turbulence II: Observations of Electric Currents from URSI, Boulder CO, 5-9 January 1998
gzipped Postscript

Results from Auroral Turbulence II

DC Electric Field

Counts from main payload

Counts from daughter payload

Counts from baby payload


Goran Marklund and Nickolay Ivchenko at RIT, Stockholm

Aarne Ranta and Michael Danielides at SGO

Mission Readiness Report

Mission Readiness Report (html)

Mission Readiness Report (Postscript)

Auroral Turbulence II's People

- Dr. Roger Arnoldy
- Dr. Kristina Lynch
- Dave Pietrowski
- Dave Rau

Collborating Institutions

University of Hew Hampshire, USA
Cornell University, USA
Dartmouth College, USA
Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics, Germany
Technical University of Denmark
Finnish Meteorological Institute
Oulu University, Finland
Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
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